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  1. Lilly is really one of the most beautiful, kind people I ever met in Pittsburgh. It’s really great to get…

  2. Sua vida é um exemplo para todos que desejam vencer ! Os Estados Unidos dão uma grande lição ao mundo…

  3. Marlon is such a fantastic force of happiness and positiveness that is contagious! I had the pleasure to dance with…

  4. Pittsburgh had a wave of immigrants in the beginning of the 1900s and now hopefully we will begin to see…

  5. Bienvenidos a los Estados Unidos aunque fuera 40 años tarde. Espero que les siga tratando muy bien la ciudad de…

20 thoughts on “Thoughts

  1. New realities transform settled, rusty, values, opening new understandings of existential knowledge. That is the process that every new wave of immigrants have been through in this country. The essential dynamic force of the USA is that constant process of immigration-assimilation that expands the creative consciousness of its culture. Like Frank Lloyd Wright buildings: expansion and contraction, expansion and contraction… Like giving birth, that is the rhythm of this life… Our role in this project is to expand.

  2. As we publish on several social media sites, see some comments about Jose Maria Ochoa’s video:

    “An inspiring story told by a sensitive and insightful young man who has found a way to live a full life in Pittsburgh while preserving his ties with his family in Mexico. We need more positive accounts like these so that those who immigrate here can also find their “inner light.” Gracias, Jose! (Nan Newell)

    “As an immigrant myself it resonated strongly with me, though as a white European I know my experience and life here will never be as difficult as others.” (Sam Burns).

    “Take a moment to watch this video and find hope through this human story so many can relate to / Toma un momento para ver este video y encontrar esperanza a través de una historia humana con la que muchos pueden identificarse.” (Christian Poloni).

    “Una lección de vida este chico . And you are an honest documentary filmmaker ! 🙏❤️ Thanks” (Gioconda Perez Snyder)

    “Great work!” (Veronica Szabo)

  3. Idario, thank you for sharing the hardships and successes of your journey to the USA. I am sure that this is only a small sampling of all that you have had to endure; moving to a new country on a moments notice, not knowing the language or having a social support group. All for the love of a young child who needed immediate medical attention. It is riveting to have your story made available for all to see. Congratulations to you, your wife, your sons and the amazing medical community and all others who have helped to make your life, away from Brazil, as promising as possible. Immigration can be a beautiful thing! — Scott Palubiak

  4. Shelbin Santos is such a great person someone that always worked hard for her goals and never gave up. She is a great example of what first generation immigrants must do when they find themselves in an unfamiliar culture, she assimilated but also saw the need to introduce part of her culture to the society where she found herself submerged, and food was the best way for her to let people know about her background her culture and to share the delicious food she grew up with. When looking for a great meal you can’t go wrong with Chicken Latino.

    Shelbin Santos es una gran persona, alguien que siempre trabajó duro por sus objetivos y nunca se rindió. Ella es un gran ejemplo de lo que deben hacer los inmigrantes de primera generación cuando se encuentran en una cultura desconocida, asimiló pero también vio la necesidad de introducir parte de su cultura en la sociedad donde se encontraba sumergida, y la comida era la mejor manera de ella para que la gente sepa sobre su pasado, su cultura y para compartir la deliciosa comida con la que creció. Cuando buscas una buena comida, no puedes equivocarte con Chicken Latino.

    Henry Acosta

  5. I really love the Mexico José one! The storytelling feels intimate, organic, and deep. I felt like growing into a full human being with him in these couple of minutes and the feeling stays with me. The different pieces in the story don’t seem to be organized by any dramatic events or chronological order, but seem to be integrated organically by the ideals and vision Jose and the storyteller want to share. He doesn’t have to say America or Pittsburgh is/was a good place to be; nor does he need to say he loves America or Pittsburgh– Its all there. The inspiring message is that he is still connected to his home, which amazingly is shown as the ending message of the video (wow). –Yun ChaseDream

  6. Thank you so much for sharing Shelbin Santos interview with me! The amazing thing is that she looks so common and talked so naturally, but under that there is a very strong character with clear personal messages (“pushing will”, “follow your passion”, “take risks”, “work hard”) and convincing messages about immigration culture and Pittsburgh environment. Also, the whole presentation (videos, photos, sound) is very colorful and vivid. I feel like energized by drinking a freshly made made juice 🙂 Thank you for keeping looking for a solution and showing hope 🙂

  7. Great Idea. Great goal. Amazing stories very well done. Thank you!  
    These documentaries are a gift to Pittsburgh and everyone. Bravo! Beatriz and all who made this happen keep on. So fortunate and grateful to be in your kind, creative and giving orbit’s. My heart just grew and stress reduced. Connecting as human beings while on your own path…how valuable these ideas/tools are to build a community on. – Erin O’Neill

  8. Bea Luna story is incredible!!! Great work. Thanks for sharing this with me. – Jaehee Cho

    Una belleza el trabajo que haces ! Interesante y no vuelve a Chile ? Chilenitos raros – Gioconda Perez

    Lo reenviare a mis amigos que todavía viven en el guetto – Ricardo Barla

    She is great! – Idario Santos

    Me alegro de saber y ver algo de Pittsburgh… Me siento identificada con Beatriz en sus pensamientos de conocer y compartir un poco de la vida de los Americanos (del Norte) ¡Gracias! – Georgina Montecinos

    Se lo voy a mandar a mi hijo en Bristol, UK. No nos damos cuenta de la division de clases, y se ha repetido hasta el cansancio. Nos damos cuenta en teoría, que no es lo mismo… Esta entrevista es muy robusta. Mas allá de la factura impecable, el fondo filosófico de donde salen las ideas es de lo mejor – Carlos Gatica

    Awesome video! Made me cry a little at the end. What a life experience we share to go make a life abroad. – Clara Phillips.

    Great Idea, Great goal, Amazing stories very well done. Thank you!  
    These documentaries are a gift to Pittsburgh and everyone. Bravo! Beatriz and all who made this happen keep on.  So fortunate and grateful to be in your kind, creative and giving orbit’s. My heart just grew and stress reduced. Connecting as human beings while on your own path…how valuable these ideas/tools are to build a community on. – Erin O’Neill

    Beatriz Luna!!! Me gusto mucho tu video, yo llegué a vivir a Chile a los 20 años, sentí ese encarcelamiento atroz de la gente, el tener que pertenecer a una clase social y seguir sus parámetros sin pensar ni un solo minuto,!! Por suerte nunca hice caso y siempre fui libre me sirvió mucho vivir fuera de Chile Hoy creo ser libre de todos esos prejuicios y lo más lindo que mis hijos siguieron el mismo camino!!
    Bien Beatriz Luna!! – Beatriz Riquelme Correa

    Thank you for making this series of documentary! It really brings the kind of energy and information we need now! I am constantly inspired, and am grateful to all the ones who made this series happen! – Yun Huang

    Me encantó su testimonio! Interesante su trabajo. Además, me siento identificada con varias cosas. Yo viví en USA casi 3 años…
    Y eso de volver a vivir con un sentido de comunidad me encanta. Espero volver a eso en un futuro. Le voy a compartir el video a mi hijo que siendo latino, vive hace mas de 4 años en Ohio. Ahora está casado con un AfroAmericano. Gracias ATU!! Un abrazo – Clara Meneses

    It’s so interesting that this video just came at the right time for me: it answered one of my core questions after these two weeks of conferences attendance. I have been wanting to get real examples of the value of diversity in academia. This video with its wonderful storytelling just gives me an impressive, convincing, accessible example! Not just for latinos, also for women, this video is very inspiring! Thank you for taking your time making this and sharing with us! – Yun Huang

  9. Jacqueline Salgado
    Dr. Diego Chaves, me encanto ver este video, mi respeto, admiración y agradecimiento siempre… Un millón de gracias, por todo su profesionalismo y entrega para nuestros niños de la Comunidad Latina. Gracias por tanto que Dios lo bendiga siempre siempre !!! Bendiciones y abrazos con mucho cariño.

    Erin O’Neill

    You & your projects warm my heart and inspire the soul. Exquisite! Gracias keeep it up & peace. 🏼 

    Yun Chasedreams

    wow, this is really inspiring … now, more than thinking about how this is made, i am feeling increasingly admiring and grateful to who made this and share theses stories. I kept saying this but still want to say thank you Andres for telling these beautiful stories. Maybe the reason we can keep continuing the path is because of these small, beautiful stories heard at our seemingly directionless ordinary days. hope that no matter how hard it is/was to make them, you could hear from me, one of the viewers, that these videos/interviews have been truly valuable to her 🙂

  10. I enjoyed that segment. Interesting contrast to some of the other folks in medicine and education. WQED should broadcast these. Jon Amakawa

    What a sweet porterit of a lovely person. Martha Harty

    Antonio is one cool dude. Fred

    Great videos! Pittsburgh is becoming even more diverse. Proud of you, proud of my city. Adam Phillips

    Está bien lindo eso. Samir Cabrera

    Hola amigo…me hiciste llorar al ver mi pasado en este video…. cuántas memoria y recuerdo en mi Pittsburgh querido..Cuidate un abrazo. Georgina Montecinos.

    Linda historia de esfuerzo y sacrificio. La historia de un buen hombre… Emotiva. Danti Poloni

    I did’t know there are such nice people in Pittsburgh providing food to homeless like them … i’m so ignorant and this video shows so much i didn’t know about Pittsburgh and pittsburgers! The director and the whole production team did a great and valuable job bringing us such a beautiful story of an (illegal) immigrant! Chase Dream

    This is truly awesome!! Tom Pellegrino

    ¡Un santo! Amazing person. Thank you! Congratulations… You should get a lot of people viewing it since I sent it to many people… Maybe other immigration organizations could use it too. Pier Marton

    Awesome, thank you for sharing. I like the parts in Spanish the best. Tara Molesworth

    Precioso!! Daniel Guerra

    Me gustó la historia de Antonio Martinez. Percibo que eso es lo que se siente al vivir un proceso de migración. No todos tienen la misma percepción pero a veces se vive como una profunda contradicción. Naira Corzón.

    What a great tribute to this man a very hard working immigrant who is a fantastic representation of a lot of Latinos in this City. How admirable not only for helping those less fortunate than him but also being a single Dad isn’t easy. Congrats to this honest human being making a difference in this world. An example of Love, compassion and sacrifice but God will help him all the way🙏🏻👍Felicidades👏. Mónica Aveni-Ranii

    I enjoyed that segment.

  11. This is an excellent initiative. Congrats for the content and high-quality video production. The work that Casa San José does to support our Latino/Hispanic community is outstanding. Thanks for being there.

  12. Great interview👏 María has so much to offer and she is so talented…I am glad she found what Pittsburgh need to get to know the Latinos in this community. Bravo María Manautou💕🙏🏻 – Mónica Aveni

    So proud!! ❤️🇵🇷 – Julianna Pillot

    Excelente, Te felicito por tan encomiable misión de ayudar a otros! – Hector – Noel Cora

  13. Bienvenidos a los Estados Unidos aunque fuera 40 años tarde. Espero que les siga tratando muy bien la ciudad de Pittsburgh. – Adam Stryker

    Mónica is a wonderful chef and person. I fully recommend her to do business with and as a friend. Very professional and kind!!! 😊👩🏻‍🍳🥩 – Jorge Delgado

    Amazing. I used to live in Pittsburgh and plan on visiting Argentina soon. Tried some Argentine food here in Houston back in March. Delicious! – Kimberly

    I loved this!! – Miguel Montoya

    So proud to be a friend of Monica Aveni and many other Latino and Hispanic neighbors in Pittsburgh that I call friends and family. – Robert P. Premick

    Here I share to you and amazing Argentinian chef Monica Aveni! Like she said if you are ready ¡to work hard! your dreams can come true! – Claudia Moyano

    Sensacional! Excelente trabajo testimonial de una inimaginable experiencia de vida. Presentacion muy solida de Monica Aveni y filmacion de primera. Muy buen trabajo, Andres Tapia. – Alicia Covarrubias

    Que homenaje tan bella a tu familia y la experiencia Latina en Pittsburgh! La maleta llena de sueños! Deseándote muchas bendiciones! – Susan Baida

    Excelente! Me encantó escuchar tu historia. – Maritza Rivera Gerena

    What a wonderful story! Love you! – Christine Pella Hoffmann

    Your story was a remarkable one! I have not seen your family in a very long time so to see the photos and all the memories you shared was really nice! Thanks for sharing! You are a true inspiration to all. – Misty Cavender

    Qué lindo verte a vos y a Tu familia, tus papás, tus hermanos….tu historia!!! Cuántos recuerdos….Qué duro debe de haber sido dejar todo…un abrazo fuerte para ustedes y me siento orgullosa de vos y los tuyos! – Susy Pérez

    Que bueno verte y que compartas tu historia.
    Me encantó , y muy de acuerdo con tus palabras .
    Besitos – Gabriela Riedel

    Fabulous!! Loved it!! Congratulations!! – Marcela Bohm Velez

    Monica Aveni that was a beautiful story…some things new for me…so proud of you!!! – Barbara Johnson

    Monica is a wonderful professional Chef, an excellent business woman, a supportive wife and giving human being, an asset to her people and the entire Pittsburgh community! I have known her and worked with her and employed her services. She is a full-service caterer. – Joy Sato

    Monica, with tears in my eyes I say from heart that I am so very proud of you and your accomplishments. I was blessed from the first day that I met you and your beautiful family. You are a beautiful human being; a true testament of love, commitment, community, perseverance, of your Latina and Argentine heritage, and what it is to live the American dream. May God continue to bless you as you bless others. – Deborah Desmarais

    Super interesante tus palabras from the video !!!! Beso grandote a la distancia. – Alba Alaniz

    It was wonderful to hear you tell your story. – Jenny Siple

  14. Pittsburgh had a wave of immigrants in the beginning of the 1900s and now hopefully we will begin to see the Latino demographic expand and bring in their own cultural assimilation. – PsyLife

  15. Marlon is such a fantastic force of happiness and positiveness that is contagious! I had the pleasure to dance with him for so many years in this city and his presence and big smile and being so charismatic person he is; brings the best in any wedding, fundraiser, private parties, etc. I highly recommend his services to learn that music is the best medicine! Especially now in difficult times all over the world. Marlon is an example that with passion and dedication anything can be conquered : ) Felicidades!!!! – Monica Aveni

    I just watched this video and Monica Aveni ‘s. They were wonderful! I remember both of you fondly and am proud to know you. Congratulations on all your successes. – Carolyn Fleis

    Nice interview with Marlon Silva, one of the salsa pioneers of Pittsburgh! – Jeff Shirley

    Marlon Silva is a good dude – Joe Serkoch

    Marlon Silva, Raymond Robinson and I took your salsa class 16 years ago at the Dance Alloy. In November we’ll be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary! – Danielle Graham Robinson

    This is a wonderful piece on my dance teacher and director/choreographer of the Marlon Silva Salsa team, of which I and 2 of my kids were performing members for many years. Marlon is a huge asset to the arts in Pittsburgh, and is the nicest person ever. He deserves all the accolades that can be given. I love him dearly and I thank him for bringing Salsa dancing and his friendship into my life. See if you can spot me (and my kids) in some of this beautiful video.
    ~ Bravo Marlon. Estoy muy orgullosa de conocerte! – Charlene Foggie-Barnett

    What a great interview, Marlon. I so enjoyed hearing your voice. Miss you much!! – Felicia A. Missy Campano-Wieland

    Buenisimo primo, te felicito, de verdad, será la genética, respetando ideales, pero le ponemos pasión a lo que hacemos, éxitos y abrazos. La genética por el baile no se rompe. Asi es primos, a bailar se ha dicho. Al son que nos toquen.- Rafael Davila

    This moved my heart. Marlon created an entire salsa scene and I am grateful that I have benefited from it. I love some Marlon Silva! – Michele Lee Betts

    This is wonderful! You absolutely have an incredible talent and are an incredible instructor! – Ashley Mae Moffett-Marutiak


    Lovely video Marlon Silva. Miss those dancing days wish the clubs would come back. Your classes were so fun brought such joy and love to everyone. – Carol Hammel

    Felicitaciones Marlon… muy bueno el video! – J Antonio Castillo Nieto

    Buena entrevista Marlon Silva muy bien! – Mich Casab

    Awesome Marlon Silva – Kelley Reddinger Szelc

  16. Sua vida é um exemplo para todos que desejam vencer ! Os Estados Unidos dão uma grande lição ao mundo na recepção de imigrantes , oferecendo novas oportunidades para os cidadãos de bem. – MARI ABREU BARROS

    Very nice – Irna de Leon-Knapp

    Super! – Evelia Martinez Stallard

    Me encantó Lilly – Mariana Urzua

    Amei o vídeo, Lilly!! História incrível! E ainda faço uma rápida aparição no final (da vez que você topou a ideia maluca de fazer o grupo de MPB em canto coral) – Glauber Rosa

    Que bacana sua história Lilly, conheço muito bem, rsss guerreira e linda é vc!!! Parabéns!! Deus tem abençoado e continuará abençoando sua vida sempre!!! 😍😘😘 – Vladete Rosario

    Beautiful! This short film is a wonderful testimony to an American Dream, realize, Latino style. – Daphne Debra Anderson

  17. Lilly is really one of the most beautiful, kind people I ever met in Pittsburgh. It’s really great to get to know her more through this documentary! It inspires me once again when hearing her soft voice telling her stories, accompanied by nice photos and videos (that I never saw before)! – Yun Huang

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